In your first visit, we’ll get to know each other a bit and establish a baseline that we can measure our progress against. After booking a new patient appointment, you’ll receive an email with details about how to find my office. This work takes courage and trust, and I hope to establish that in our first visit together.


We’ll discuss the self-healing approach to your suffering, and what that means for your current treatment protocol and existing relationships with other practitioners. This will be different for each patient, but I typically don’t suggest any significant changes until we have measurable improvement.

We’ll make clear our expectations of each other. For example, in our time together I will focus on the mental and emotional aspects of your condition. While diet, behavior changes, medications, and procedures may be essential to your recovery, we’ll not devote much time to these in our sessions. I’ll provide you resources, referrals, or additional consultation time as needed.

history & physical

Before our first visit, I’ll have already collected some health information from you via your secure patient portal. When we’re together I’ll ask you overarching questions to better understand your story, and targeted questions questions to clarify your chief complaints.

I’ll conduct a non-invasive physical exam, assessing your heart, lungs, abdomen, nervous system, and other systems related to your complaints. Please wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing, as I won’t ask you to change into a gown. If your primary complaint involves your skin, please wear clothes suitable to show me the affected areas.

goal setting

Do you want to be pain free and strong? Have more energy? Clear skin? Be able to eat out without an urgent bathroom trip? Get off of your pharmaceuticals? Your intake paperwork will get you thinking about what you really want from our work together, and we’ll get clear on that in our first visit.

We’ll work together to identify ways to track our progress towards your goals. We’ll get creative here, but might incorporate things like serial questionnaires, tracking of specific behaviors, journaling, physical exams, etc.