Self-marriage is a commitment that you make to yourself, for the rest of your life.  

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You are the only one that will be there for all your highs and lows.  

You are the only one that even has a shot at understanding and loving the deepest parts of you.

Looking to others to meet all your emotional needs is not sustainable.  

You are lucky to be the one that gets to witness your growth and development.

Just as each couple’s marriage is unique, so is each person’s self-marriage.  You are a one of a kind.


If you would like for me to officiate your self-marriage ceremony, I offer one clear path to get started.

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Do it for You! Participants in this 12-week course learn brick by brick how to build a relationship with themselves, and make important behavior changes in their lives along the way.  In our last class together, I’ll officiate a group wedding ceremony where you’ll have the opportunity to stand up and make your commitment official with your course cohort as your witness and wedding party.

Changing your habits to create the life you want is a deeply meaningful way to court yourself.

Self-marriage is a commitment to show up for you always, to celebrate you when life is easy and support you when life is hard.  Life is richer when you’ve got a constant companion.

You’re worth it!