naturopathic counseling in north carolina


I have the pleasure of offering my services to clients in Southern Pines, North Carolina in January and February of 2015.  My focus is a 6-week intensive program to help my clients start 2015 with a fresh outlook on their lives, and feeling better than ever in their bodies.  I'll be accepting only a small handful of clients, as each client will spend 8 hours of one-on-one time with me over this 6 week period.  Approximately half of the time will be spent working with a deep form of therapy called Holistic Counseling, and the other half spent on nutrition and lifestyle coaching.  The total cost of the program is $500. See the promotional flyer for this program by clicking here.  

                                                                                        JANUARY 19th - FEBRUARY 27th 2015   

                                                                  TO APPLY FOR THE 6-WEEK 'NEW YEAR, NEW YOU' PROGRAM:

Click here to download an intake form.  Complete and submit by email to or snail mail to:

Dr. Erin Moore

621 Peden Street

Laurinburg, NC  28352.

The first six intake forms received will be accepted to the program.


You are tired of feeling sick, and ready to take a new approach to your health care.  You may have an inkling that you're not living you're life to the fullest, but have been afraid to bring your whole self to the table.  You are ready to commit to yourself to change your life.  You may be disappointed in the results you've gotten with doctors thus far, or disillusioned by the state of our healthcare system.  I specialize in gastrointestinal complaints and women's health, but will turn no one away because of their medical condition.


I'll hold a safe and inviting space for your to share your story with me.  During holistic counseling sessions you'll have the opportunity to share the pain, fears, and issues you've been carrying your whole life.  I'll listen to you, and through your story we'll discover your "thread", the continuous theme present in your life that lies at the root of your suffering.  At the end of the program, you will have the tools to move forward into a healthy, harmonious life.  I'll provide you an individualized nutrition and lifestyle plan specific for you and your symptoms.  Unfortunately, not all illnesses can be cured in 6 weeks.  If at the end of the program, you are in need of continued support, I'll connect you with another holistic counselor or physician best able to serve you.     


Private sessions will be held in a comfortable treatment room at "Yoga and Massage in the Sandhills", a secluded studio in Southern Pines.  The cost of the progam is $500.  You can provide this payment to me at the end of the first session by cash, check, or credit card.  If you need to set up a payment plan I am happy to discuss this with you, just send me an email.  To apply to the program, click here to download and complete the intake form.  You can email it as an attachment to or mail it to the address above.

Session 1 - Medical Intake & Dietary Assessment: Thursday the 22nd and Friday the 23rd of January - appointments available 9am-6pm

Session 2: Holistic Counseling Part One: Thursday the 5th and Friday the 6th of February - appointments available 9am - 6pm  

Session 3: Diet & Lifestyle Overhaul: Thursday the 19th and Friday the 20th of February - appointments available 9am - 6pm

Session 4: Holistic Counseling Part Two: Thursday the 26th and Friday the 27th of February -  appointments available 9am - 6pm

We'll reserve 2 hours for each session. 

Contact me at to book an appointment or with any questions.




mind body connect.jpg

I'm collaborating with three Southern Pines yoga studios to offer an hour and a half workshop on the history and current mind-body connection to local residents. Participants will leave the workshop empowered by their understanding of how the mind-body connection is scientifically supported, and armed with tools to start taking back control of their health.  See the promotional flyer for the workshop series by clicking here.  Each workshop is $15 per person.          

SUNDAY, JANUARY 4th 2015 10:30 AM - NOON   

Yoga and Massage in the Sandhills 

5374 Niagra Carthage Road,  Southern Pines 


SUNDAY, JANUARY 4th 2015  4:30 PM - 6:00 PM  

Southern Pines Yoga Co.  

169 Beverly Lane,  Southern Pines