My name is Dr. Erin Moore, and I’m so honored that you’ve made your way over here to be a cyber-part of the launch of my new business, cleverly named Dr. Erin Moore LLC.

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You can read more about me on other parts of this site, but here’s what’s important now:  

I want to educate you about how your health works, I want to empower you to get more engaged in it, and I want inspire you to make choices that will bring more health, peace, and straight up joy into your life!

I’ll publish new content on this site at least twice per month, once over here on the blog and once on another page I’m calling Gut Central. If you join my team, you’ll get an email when that content is released. Here’s what you can look forward to learning about:

On the blog we’ll focus on my favorite topic, the Mind Body Connection. I’ll lay it out for you in layman’s terms, and shine a light on it from different perspectives. You might have heard about my behavior change course Do it for You. Although I am biased, I highly recommend it to all my Portland metro-based people who want to get to know and love yourselves as a method to sustainably change behaviors like the ways you eat, drink, move, rest, relate, you name it. If you can’t make it in person, then this blog will be the next best thing.              

We’ll talk about the latest evidence and theories pertaining to how the physical body impacts thoughts and emotions and vice versa.  But I also want to explore juicier topics like in what ways might the steps down a spiritual path impact our physical health? And in what ways can our symptoms and teach us about what we need in our lives? I’ve blogged for years over at ParticipAid and have learned I tend to wax philosophical, so consider this a warning.      


Over at Gut Central we’re going to stay more concrete.  I’m going to teach you the nuts and bolts of nutrition and gut health, especially as it pertains to autoimmune disease.  Nutrition science is a complicated field.  No worries, I’ll sift through the literature and boil it down for you.  Similarly complicated is the increasingly popular field of gut health.  It’s bursting with new studies and theories.  Wondering what’s so special about this microbiome business?  I’ve got you covered.  I’ll fill you in on the basics, and keep you posted when the scientific world makes new discoveries that should challenge our thinking.     

I can’t wait to share all of this with you. Take a look around the site and be sure to sign up for my mailing list to get all I’ve got to give.

Take care of you,

Dr. Erin Moore