If you have been diagnosed with a chronic disease, and are ready to take your healing to the next level, this is the service for you.  We’ll work together to improve your daily vitality and decrease or eliminate your dependence on supplements and medications.

I am committed to working with you until your treatment goals are met, so duration of treatment is completely dependent on the individual.  That said, it is typical to see significant progress in 2-4 holistic counseling appointments.


new patient visit

Your first appointment will last one hour.  In this time you’ll have an opportunity to tell me all about your priority health concerns. We’ll also review other pieces of your medical history, do a few targeted physical exams, and get clear about your treatment goals and how we’ll measure them.  Our primary objective in this first visit is to get to know each other and establish your baseline. Learn more about what to expect here.

Rate: $175

By appointment only - email hello@drerinmoore.com or call 503-765-6430


Holistic Counseling

*only available for established patients

These appointments last 2 hours, and have the objective to identify and uproot the mental and emotional underpinnings of your physical complaints. By asking carefully selected open-ended questions, I’ll guide you to discover the original belief from your past that is at the root of your physical suffering today. I’ll coach you to liberate yourself from that belief and explore the implications for your life and health.  Each visit will end in gentle body work to help you relax and integrate your experience into your body. Holistic Counseling is a technique developed by Dr. Moshe Daniel Block, and I am currently in the certification process.  

Single Appointment Rate: $350

Package Rate (3 HC appointments and 1 follow up visit): $1050


Follow Up visit

*available only for established patients

This is a 30-60 minute appointment that we’ll schedule to address your questions, assess progress towards your goals, or discuss changes to your treatment plan.  This appointment time can be used to ask me any questions you have surrounding your diagnosis, medications or supplements, and prognosis.  Periodically we’ll schedule this type of appointment to repeat exams, questionnaires, or tests to measure your progress.

Rate: $175 / hr