It’s my experience that all chronic diseases have an anchor in the mental/emotional realm, and any person suffering with chronic disease can get relief by working with me.  That said, I most enjoy working with patients with autoimmune conditions for a few reasons.

1. Autoimmunity is a crystal clear illustration of the mind - body connection.

In autoimmune disease, your immune system doesn’t recognize all the parts of you as you, and so it turns on normal healthy tissue and treats it like the enemy.  Each autoimmune condition is unique and infinitely complex, but when it comes down to it it’s actually quite simple. On a molecular level you don’t really know yourself and you attack yourself.  I’ll just leave that there.

Chronic inflammatory autoimmune diseases like Crohn Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis have long been associated with anxiety and depression.  This is viewed by many as a chicken or the egg scenario, which one caused which? To me it doesn’t matter. They are intertwined and impact each other every day, as you well know if you suffer with these conditions.  If you’re not satisfied with how you feel by only treating the physical aspect of your condition, I may be the doctor for you.

2. I’m an expert at optimizing digestion.

And digestion and autoimmunity are inextricable.  Though we don’t understand exactly how autoimmune disease is initiated and propagated, we know for sure that a lot of the action happens in the gut.  Your intestines and associated microbiome make up the interface between your inner world and your outer world. It’s where your immune system discerns friend from foe. We’ll make sure you’ve got the tools and resources you need to make diet and lifestyle choices that will set your up for digestive success.  


3. Biologic Medications

My undergraduate degree was in Biochemistry, and I cannot stop learning about the medical community’s latest effort to treat autoimmunity – the biologic drugs.  These medications are the standard of care in conventional medicine, and for good reason. These amazing molecules are designed to target specific parts of your immune system, in effect, disabling it from attacking healthy tissue.  The upside is you get relief of your symptoms, and that may literally save your life or at least your sanity. The downside is that part of your immune system will be shut down, putting you at considerable risk for a myriad of other symptoms and diseases including cancer. You’ve heard the commercials.  Many people with serious autoimmune conditions are “sentenced” to a lifetime of medication with this line of drugs. I think we can do better. Let’s address the root cause of your symptoms and then reassess your level of need for these medications.