Erin's Global Health Update: Part 7

Below are excerpts from a letter to my friends and family: 

Last I wrote, I gave you the recap of our epic summer 2012 medical volunteer trip.  Well, we’re gearing up for round two!  Myself, 3 other med students, and a Naturopathic doctor from California will be going over for about 3 weeks of the winter holidays.  Ash is already in Asia, and will meet us in Nepal with another friend, a French body worker.  That makes 7 volunteers, plus the indispensable 8 members of Share Nepal who will be facilitating our work - I’m really excited about this years crew.  On our last trip, we learned that women’s health is an area of great vulnerability for our population and have designed this trip accordingly.  With sustainability in mind, the medical volunteers have the following goals:

  1. Investigate the root causes of common female diseases.  A deeper understanding of the Nepali woman will enhance future initiatives and guide medical care.  

  2. Provide much needed medical care to local women.  Share Nepal will host the American Naturopathic volunteers in collaboration with Nepali medical practitioners for a two day Women’s Health Medical Camp. 

  3. Educate and empower local women in preventative care for themselves and their families. Naturopaths are trained experts in preventative care.  The volunteers will apply this expertise in a women’s workshop designed from the outcomes of our experience on the ground.   

In addition to this medical work, Ash and I have community planning and permaculture training initiatives that we intend to introduce and nurture for the long haul in Karmidanda.  

In the US, I’m really getting close to this doctor business, I graduate in June 2014!  It’s all pretty insane and terrifying, but still there’s no other path I would have chosen.  And Share Nepal itself is in the midst of some big organizational moves.  A few months ago I wrote a grant request for 2 years of funding to a Portland based NPO called the Vibrant Village Foundation [].  That'd be funding for 2 years of as much work in health/education, water/sanitation, and agriculture/economy as we could imagine.  Real game changer.  Our project has been selected as a finalist(!), and now we’re playing the waiting game.  It’s not really that interesting of a game, so I’ll let you know when something happens.    

In the meantime, Share Nepal has teamed up with the Women In Balance Institute (WIBI) [], a non-profit arm of the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland.  This means we can offer tax deduction to our donors! 

Thanks everyone, you’re the best support team ever!

Erin MooreComment