You are self-healing.

On the smallest scale your body is constantly repairing wounds, correcting mistakes, and eliminating toxic products.  It takes zero thought and effort from you, it is your original state.  The same is true on a larger scale.  You heal by learning who you truly are and living in a way that is in alignment with that.  Your original state is self-healing.

My vision is a world where you turn first to yourself for healing.

My mission is to give you tools to do it.


Meet Dr. Erin 


Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by. I’m a lot different from other doctors you’ll meet.  I’m a naturopathic doctor, that’s an ND not an MD, and we are a special breed.  We’re trained in accredited 4-year institutions as general practitioners and have a distinct philosophy of holism that guides our approach to treating patients.

The punchline is …

I believe that you have the innate capacity to heal yourself.

Dr Erin Moore Headshot.jpg

Many naturopathic doctors use herbs, supplements, and other remedies to support this self-healing process. But like I said, I’m a lot different from other doctors you’ll meet.  My clinical focus is on the emotional and behavioral aspects of chronic disease. 

That means that although I’m trained and licensed to prescribe anything from Alpha-lipoic acid to Zoloft, my treatment plans do not include anything that comes in a bottle.  I think pharmaceuticals and supplements are miraculous when well used, I even take them myself from time to time. I’ve just found that my healing gifts are elsewhere. My patients heal themselves by resolving the emotional causes of their illness and changing the daily behaviors that keep them in suffering.


  • BS in Biochemistry from UW- Madison (2006)
  • ND from National University of Natural Medicine (2014)
  • Additional training with Dr. Moshe Block in holistic counseling (2014 – present)
  • Additional training with Dr. Charley Cropley in behavioral medicine (2018 – present)


I also serve as the Executive Director of a non-profit called ParticipAid.  We’re headquartered in Portland, OR and partner with an organization in rural Nepal to improve access to healthcare services.  I fell in love with Nepal and its people in 2007, and began working there in earnest in 2010. These days I go back once per year with a team of doctors and nurses.  One day I’ll take patients on retreat there, so be sure to sign up for my mailing list if that interests you.

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Once a year to celebrate my birthday I take off for a couple of days to be by myself, I call it an Erin Ceremony. I go to the woods or the beach or wherever people aren’t. I dance, I make art, I read, I play, and consume all of my favorite things in whatever quantity I want. I just enjoy myself with no rules. On my 31st birthday, after graduating from medical school, I drew a sketch of this logo. It captures my healing philosophy, and in time it was beautified, digitized, and given to me as a gift from my talented designer friend, Julie Rose.         

The circle: we are whole and complete at our core, it is our original state.
The waves: healing happens from the inside out.
The compass: my role as your guide through this process.   


Take a listen to this October 2018 podcast with Dr. Erin and Portland-based counselor James to hear it from the horse’s mouth.